Types of anodizing:  Type I Anodizing - Chromic Acid also known as CAA or Chromic Acid Anodize.  Type II Anodizing - Sulfuric Acid or Sulfuric Acid Anodize SAA.  Type III Anodizing - Hard coat or  Hardcoat Anodizing HCA.


In 2015, Walgren joined Price-Koch Industries as a division of George Koch Sons. The new entity, which has global reach across a broad spectrum of production scale finishing technologies, is today known as Price Walgren.

In 2016, Price Walgren expanded into a 85,000 sq. ft. world headquarters campus in Grand Rapids, MI, just 4 miles from Gerald R. Ford International Airport. This move gave Walgren's legendary base of repeat customers access to an expansive range of technological, administrative and financial resources.

Walgren’s long history of service to industry has made it a preeminent designer-manufacturer of large scale anodizing, plating, phosphating, autodeposition, and electrocoating systems. A review of major projects, shown at the bottom of this page, illustrates our wide-ranging capability.

Leadership has been the heart of the Walgren Success Story, and management remained in place following the acquisition by George Koch Sons. The professionals who lead Walgren today each have a powerful commitment to the industry that is decades-long. Collectively and individually, they have a wide range of experience in engineering, design, manufacturing, waste treatment, system installation, and the successful management of complex projects.

General Manager – US Operations
Craig Stevens
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business, Calvin College; MBA, Standford Hill
  • 16 Years in the Finishing Industry
  • 16 Years with Walgren
President – Asia Operations
Lee Jones
  • Master Electrician
  • 39 Years in the Finishing Industry
  • 36 Years with Walgren
Global Sales Manager
Mark Norton
  • CEF, CAF
  • Bachelor of Chemistry & Education, Western Michigan University; Masters in Management, Aquinas College
  • 33 Years in the Finishing Industry
  • 19 Years with Walgren
Vice President of Operations
Dan Beachum
  • Certified Electrofinisher (CEF)
  • Bachelor of Operations Management, Michigan State University
  • 30 Years in the Finishing Industry
  • 15 Years with Walgren
Installation and Technical Service Manager
Eric Boldt
  • 5 Years in the Finishing Industry
  • 5 Years with Walgren
Electrical Controls Engineer
Mike Mervenne
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Ferris State University
  • 11 Years in the Finishing Industry
  • 11 Years with Walgren


Walgren customers include the world's most prominent manufacturers, their tier 1s, military and defense entities, and production job shops, worldwide. A list of Walgren customers appears here.

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Environmental equipment supplied by Walgren includes etch enclosures, bright dip enclosures, automatic and manual tank covers, hoist drip trays and enclosures, counterflow rinse systems, Etch - Chrome - Nickel recovery, scrubbers, mist eliminators, water c Koch Enterprises, Inc. Koch LLC Price-Koch Industries Price Walgren, LLC