Types of anodizing:  Type I Anodizing - Chromic Acid also known as CAA or Chromic Acid Anodize.  Type II Anodizing - Sulfuric Acid or Sulfuric Acid Anodize SAA.  Type III Anodizing - Hard coat or  Hardcoat Anodizing HCA.
Architectural AnodizingAutomotive AnodizingMedical Components Anodizing, Stainless Steel Passivation, ElectropolishMilitary and Aerospace Anodizing

Walgren has more than 350 anodize systems worldwide

Walgren is a leader in plating waste treatment and recovery systems, also air pollution control for plating and finishing systems. Visit our Environmental Management page for details.

Medical Finishing: Anodizing, Titanium Anodize, Stainless Steel Passivation, Cleaning and Electropolish

* Device Components * Instruments * Implants

Walgren finishing systems for aluminum, stainless steel and titanium are a leading choice among manufacturers of medical and dental products.

The reason: our longstanding reputation for high reliability, and the equipment’s ability – inherent in all Walgren systems – to adapt to changes in throughput, product mix, or chemistry.

Walgren finishing processes are used by medical manufacturers and their contract shops for:

  • Anodizing
  • Titanium Anodize
  • Stainless Steel Passivation
  • Cleaning
  • Electropolishing

Walgren anodize processes are used by medical manufacturers to impart superior wear and abrasion resistance, to lower thermal conductivity, produce a non-conductive surface, and improve adhesion. Because anodized aluminum is highly receptive to coloring, the process is also used to distinguish instruments and components during assembly, or medical procedures.

Companies such as orthopedic products job shop Whimet and Paragon Medical chose the anodizing process for its versatility, environmental advantages and ability to produce finishes that are distinctive and functional. They chose Walgren because our anodizing equipment has an unrivaled track record for reliability and performance, and our management and technical team is the most experienced in the world in the highly specialized field of medical products anodizing.

Walgren engineers and builds systems for continuous run and batch processing. Each process line is custom-engineered to the specific needs of the customer.

Contact us for ideas and options regarding any anodize or passivation system.




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