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Hoists, Other Material Handling

Walgren is a world leader in the development and manufacture of precision material handling
systems for anodizing, plating and specialty finishing.

Hoists and other material handling equipment supplied by Walgren includes:

Overhead hoists - Walgren is a leader in automatic overhead hoists for
finishing applications  Our hoists are VF controlled, with:

- Unlimited recipe capability
- Capacity up to 10,000 lbs.
- Up to 750 fpm line speed
- Up to 12° tilt


Railrider hoists - a patented Walgren design with:

- Unlimited recipe capability
- Capacity to 8,000 lbs.
- Up to 10° tilt
- Shorter overall height than competitive systems


Sidearm hoists - Walgren has manufactured side arm hoists for more
than four decades. These flexible workhorse hoists are manufactured in
manual or automated formats, and have:

- Unlimited recipe capability
- Capacity to 5' and 500 lbs.
- Pre-piped modules for expedited installation


Split rail - this high-production Walgren design features:

- Fixed cycles with multiple finish options
- Central hydraulic or electric operation
- Rack size 36" X 72"
- Uses up to 50% less space than hoists or monorail conveyors


Manual hoists

- Bridge cranes
- Monorail hoists

Load / Unload stations

- Fixed racking stations
- Potable work bar carts


Walgren specializes in the manufacturing and commissioning of hoists and other material handling for anodizing, plating and specialty finishing.    

Walgren also has a half-century of experience in the manufacture of environmental equipment, controls, and auxiliary equipment.

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Read about the Walgren process for building hoists, split rails and other material handling that meets your needs for capacity, speed, automation, and versatility.


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