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Low profile hoist


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Low Profile "Green" Hoist
Reduces Exhaust Air up to 50%

Walgren Company, long the leader in finishing equipment innovation, has introduced a low profile hoist - a truly "green" solution for companies who want to conserve energy, and maximize fume capture.

Walgren's "green" hoist reduces the exhausted air by up to 50%, depending on the tank size – a benefit that keeps finishing lines looking new for years.

Features include:

  • Low profile hoist design that accommodates to any building
  • Motors and gear boxes are on the side of the hoist, rather than on top, for easiest access and maintenance.
  • Drip pan eliminates drag-out over tanks and contamination of process tanks.
  • Optimized fume capture
  • Exhausted air is based on the open areas over the tank with the cover; the open area is only at the ends.
  • Pull-pull exhausts hoods
  • Enclosed hoist has a push blower option.
  • Low maintenance covers
  • A combination of variable frequency drives and dampers enables higher exhaust rates when cover is removed.
  • Low profile hoist design minimizes floor space (or roof load) by minimizing the size of the scrubber and fan.

The Walgren low profile hoist is an ideal 'green' solution – Give us a call!


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