Types of anodizing:  Type I Anodizing - Chromic Acid also known as CAA or Chromic Acid Anodize.  Type II Anodizing - Sulfuric Acid or Sulfuric Acid Anodize SAA.  Type III Anodizing - Hard coat or  Hardcoat Anodizing HCA.

Walgren Asia Finishing Equipment Ltd.





The Walgren team of metal finishing professionals is dedicated to providing manufacturers and job shops with the equipment, controls and technical support they need to make their metal finishing processes perform predictably and efficiently.

We are a leading international manufacturer of sophisticated metal finishing equipment, peripherals, material handling and environmental management systems. We are also growing! We have a strong US customer base, and customers throughout Asia, Europe and Australia as well.

Our mission is to hire exceptional people who can lead, who can solve problems creatively, who understand the value of life-long learning, and who will make sharing their knowledge with others part of their own mission.

Walgren is well-recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance finishing systems, and we are always looking for qualified, motivated people. Most of our team members have been with Walgren for 6 years or more – far longer than the national average of 4.4 years. The long-term satisfaction of our employees is a great source of pride for us.

If you have experience in the finishing industry, a strong work ethic, and excellent skills in your own specialty, email your resume to AEnglish@kochllc.com. If you become part of the Walgren team, you'll experience challenge and opportunity every day. You'll be putting your talents and experience to work alongside the very best in our industry. And you'll be a part of a company that recognizes and rewards your initiative, your commitment, and your integrity.



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