Types of anodizing:  Type I Anodizing - Chromic Acid also known as CAA or Chromic Acid Anodize.  Type II Anodizing - Sulfuric Acid or Sulfuric Acid Anodize SAA.  Type III Anodizing - Hard coat or  Hardcoat Anodizing HCA.

The Walgren-Aucos partnership offers true 3D visualization.
Walgren offers true 3D visualization.

Walgren Company offers system visualization options developed  by Aucos, suited to the individual customer.
Walgren Company offers system visualization options
suited to the individual customer.

Quality documentation is a major advantage of controls systems  developed by Walgren.
Quality documentation is a major advantage of control systems
developed by Walgren.




Walgren has extensive in-house capabilities, in both the US and Asia, for the engineering and implementation of controls tailored to customers' individual product, process and throughput requirements. Details. Walgren systems store process recipes on a PC; process control is through an Allen Bradley, Siemens or Omron. All Walgren controls are NADCAP and ISO compliant and can interface with any production database.

Walgren is well-respected for the development of documentation strategies that meet customer and regulatory requirements, and are most useful to operations and management personnel for response and resource planning. Graphing and statistical data is provided for all functions; rework or scrap reporting is segmented by reason code and graphed for easiest comprehension. Preventive maintenance schedules and alerts are programmed at the time of commissioning, and can be adjusted by operations management.

In addition to its in-house capabilities, Walgren's partners with Aucos, GPR and Kempe Software Solutions, companies who specialize in controls for anodizing, plating and specialty finishing systems. These partnerships allow Walgren to most effectively meet clients' unique needs for speed, flexibility and documentation.

The exceptional adaptability of Walgren hardware and software solutions benefits more than 1000 production sites in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Of particular interest to Walgren customers are these important developments:

  • Two important hoist control solutions are "fixed timeway" and "optimizing" software. In addition, the "optimizing" or "random loading" system is state-of-the-art. All Walgren software solutions are compatible with major SPC programs.
  • Walgren also offers wireless hoists, an important development that eliminates cables for power and signals, reduces noise and extends conventional hoist ranges.
  • Walgren hoist control can now be via a handheld terminal with a built-in 2D barcode scanner.  The terminal provides real-time access by WLAN for tank lines, hoists rectifiers and more. 
  • Reservation-based scheduling software can be provided for greatest line productivity. 
  • Walgren offers a Windows version of the control system for electroplating.  This is based on a standard PC systems and is already running on small computers. 

    Because all of the programs have been implemented in the Windows control system, it can be  used with every type of finishing operation.

    With the aid of advanced simulation, processes can be evaluated in great detail, adding an important measure of predictability, and often streamlining lead times for production start-up.

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