Types of anodizing:  Type I Anodizing - Chromic Acid also known as CAA or Chromic Acid Anodize.  Type II Anodizing - Sulfuric Acid or Sulfuric Acid Anodize SAA.  Type III Anodizing - Hard coat or  Hardcoat Anodizing HCA.
Architectural AnodizingAutomotive AnodizingMedical Components Anodizing, Stainless Steel Passivation, ElectropolishMilitary and Aerospace Anodizing

Walgren has more than 350 anodize systems worldwide

Walgren is a leader in plating waste treatment and recovery systems, also air pollution control for plating and finishing systems. Visit our Environmental Management page for details.

Anodizing Systems for Aerospace
and Military Applications

Walgren anodizing systems are preferred throughout the mission-critical aerospace and defense sector. We are proud to have among our customers leading aerospace manufacturers, including Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin, as well as their tier 1 suppliers, including General Electric, Goodrich, Asco, Howmet and BE Aerospace. We are also the preferred supplier for military installations (Wright Patterson AFB, Tinker AFB, Robins AFB, Rock Island Arsenal, and Albany Army Ammunitions Plant). A list of Walgren aerospace / military customers is here.

Walgren hard coat and other anodize processes impart superior wear resistance and exceptional dielectric properties; they also produce a non-conductive surface with homogeneous porosity.

Walgren anodizing technology used in aerospace / military applications includes Type I, II, III, phosphoric and Oxalic Acid. Tartaric, Boric Sulfuric and Thin Film Sulfuric are often specified as chrome alternatives. In addition to anodize technology, Walgren supplies the sector with systems for Alodine chromate conversion coating as well as in-line nondestructive testing packages, including fluorescent penetrant inspection.

OEMs and military suppliers specify the anodizing process for its performance and versatility. They choose Walgren because our anodizing equipment has an unrivaled track record for reliability and performance, and our management and technical team is the most experienced in the world for the adaptation of anodizing technology to the specialized needs of aerospace and defense.

Walgren engineers and builds anodizing systems for continuous run and batch processing. Each process line is engineered to specific customer requirements and scheduling.

Watch a short video on the operation of a highly versatile anodize system built by Walgren Company for Jordan Extrusions.

Walgren Company has more experience with anodize technology than any company, worldwide.

Contact us for ideas and options regarding any anodize system:

  • Type I, CAA Chromic Acid
  • Type II, SAA Sulfuric Acid
  • Type III SAA Hard Coat
  • PAA Phosphoric Acid
  • BSAA Boric & Sulfuric Acid
  • TFSAA Thin film Sulfuric Acid
  • Titanium Anodizing
  • Tartaric Acid Anodizing




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